A Psalm of Stephanie

The first blog post is a difficult endeavor, filled with second guessing and hand wringing. On the one hand, a writer has no shortage of material. On the other hand, he usually wrestles with the significance of the material to be presented. Thankfully, I have an ace up my sleeve. Her name is Stephanie. She is my wife and she has written a psalm. While I do not remember the context of this composition, it remains as a perpetual bookmarked page in my personal journal. I return to it often as a reminder of not only the beauty of my wife’s heart, but also her deep love for Jesus. Listen to her words and be encouraged by her song to the Lord.

Encompass me with your love, O God.
For my heart is dried up from the woes of this world.
As the prairie grass turns amber, unable to escape from the blazing sun;
So my soul is trapped beneath the inevitable pressures of a fallen world.
Yet my own iniquities are like weeds,
Threatening to choke the seed of faith in the field of life.
Can the Lord’s children find shade under the shadow of the Almighty?
For His love is like the mighty oak,
And His arms as great branches across the plains of our hearts;
Giving us rest from the overwhelming burdens that are ever before us;
Granting us peace as a mid-summer rain refreshes creation
And provides nourishment for the days to come.
Praise to the Lord,
He tenderly cares for His own in the midst of a scorching world!
I will trust in You, my shelter and my rescuer.


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