Hollow Gods: Idolatry in a Postmodern Context

There is little doubt that we are quick in Western culture to follow after idols. Why are we so easily led astray? Could it be because postmodern thinking has masked idols so that we do not recognize them? What if you really are an idolater at heart? What can you do to remedy this cultural disease? Do you want answers? If so, then Hollow Gods offers a glimpse into the connections between postmodern culture and its rapid decline into idolatry, providing the biblical reasons and solutions to this problem for both your Christian life and church health.


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“I’ve had the privilege of calling Eric Turner a friend for many years. He served as a fellow Pastor, then on staff at Lenexa Baptist Church, where I pastored for twenty-six years. Eric is a scholar, teacher, and true servant of God. His insight and research on the postmodern culture in which we live beckons us all to read his new book.”

Steve Dighton, Pastor Emeritus, Lenexa Baptist Church

“Hollow Gods provides great insight to the postmodern culture and how to communicate God’s truth with those of this era. He seeks to understand how to communicate God’s word in a manner appealing to all. His aim is to give you hope that God is doing his work here and will continue until Jesus’ return.”

Joe White, President, Kanakuk Ministries

“Turner understands that while the religious challenges presented by postmodernity are unique, they are also manifestations of the well-established human propensity towards idolatry. As a result, he does not treat postmodernism as a bogeyman. Instead, he seeks to engage it from a biblical perspective, offering a Christian critique to its particular brand of idolatry and some solid practical suggestions that will encourage the reader towards faithful, Christ-honoring lives in our contemporary context.”

Miles S. Mullin II, PhD, Vice President for Academic Administration and Professor of Religious History, Hannibal LaGrange University